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Sushi Takuan stick

Sushi Takuan stick

Made In: China  Capacity: 500 gr  Quantity Per A Package: 20  Kosher: –

Catalog Number: 1-8029

A pickled radish originating in Japanese cuisine. Takuan is a Japanese variety of radish (daikon) that has been sun-dried, pickled in salt, sugar and additional spices, and then fermented. As a result of the process takuan gets a yellowy color, and it is sold in vacuum packaging with some of the pickling liquid. Before it is eaten, takuan should be washed in water and cut into thin slices or strips. Traditionally, takuan is eaten along with rice, or with other cooked dishes, and sometimes it is added to various rolls of sushi. Takuan boasts a sweet-salty flavor and it has the distinct smell of pickled-fermented vegetables.