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Water Chestnuts in Water

Water Chestnuts in Water

Made In: Thailand  Capacity: 565 gr  Quantity Per A Package: 24  Kosher: Not Kosher

Catalog Number: 1-9010

water chestnuts are the corms of a grass-like plant that serve as a popular ingredient in Chinese cuisine as well as in other Asian culinary cultures. Despite their name, water chestnuts are not related to the chestnuts we are familiar with and are not actual nuts. After being peeled water chestnuts look like white colored balls. They can be eaten fresh, cooked or canned. Water chestnuts have a gentle, non-dominant nutty flavor, and their use is derived from their crunchy texture, which they retain even when cooked. Water chestnuts are used in stir-fried dishes and as part of the filling for cooked or fried dough-based dishes such as egg roll and dim sum.