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Chilp. Barbecue Sauce

Chilp. Barbecue Sauce

Made In: Mexico  Capacity: 230 gr  Quantity Per A Package: 6  Kosher: Chief Rabbinate of Israel

Catalog Number: 4-1016

Barbecue Sauce is a major part of the barbecue culture (Slow roasting tradition of meat that served as focal point of social gathering, which born in the kitchens of southern United States). Barbecue Sauces appears in a variety of styles and flavors- starting from sauces that based only on vinegar and dry chili pepper and ending with such sauces that include tomatoes, brown sugar and other spices. American barbecue sauce went far beyond the United States borders from long time, and today we can find its local versions in all over the world. Mexican barbecue sauce on the basis of Chipotle is based on tomato paste with vinegar, sugar and Chipotle pepper. The Chipotle gives the sauce a slightly spicy flavor and smoky aroma. The sauce is suitable for making barbecue that has been smoked in the chimney, but it is also suitable for preparing meat at home in case you need to give it smoky aroma.