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Hiragata Udon Wheat noodles

Hiragata Udon Wheat noodles

Made In: Japan  Capacity: 1 kg  Quantity Per A Package: 12  Kosher: Not Kosher

Catalog Number: 1-1028

Noodles originating in Japanese cuisine. Udon noodles are based on wheat flour and are very thick with a round shape. Udon noodles have a light white color, a chewy and soft texture and a neutral flavor. Udon noodles are served in soups or used as base for stir-fried dishes and noodle dishes with curry sauce, and they work well with sauces with strong and pronounced flavors. In Japan, udon are eaten fresh, but in the West they can be purchased in dried form or in a vacuum packaged fresh form called “nama udon.”