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Hoi Sin Sauce

Hoi Sin Sauce

Made In: Hong Kong  Capacity: 270 g  Quantity Per A Package: 24 Kosher: Triangle K

Catalog Number: 1-6019

Basic sauce in Chinese cuisine, used as sauce for roasted foods and as an ingredient in dips and marinades, mostly for meat foods or in fried and stir-fried dishes (its use is somewhat similar to barbecue sauce’s use in the US). Hoisin sauce is based on pureed soybeans, chili, garlic, vinegar and added seasoning (such as sesame seeds). The sauce’s color is very dark, its flavor is salty and slightly sweet, and it has a strong smell characteristic of fermented foods. The sauce is very thick and sometimes has to be thinned down before being used as a dip. Hoisin sauce is crucial in preparing Peking Duck – both as part of the sauce the duck is marinated in before it’s roasted and as a dip served along with the slices of duck. In Vietnamese cuisine, and mostly in South Vietnamese cuisine, hoisin sauce is often added to pho soup.