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Yuzu Juice without salt

Yuzu Juice without salt

Made In: Japan  Capacity: 1.8 Liter  Quantity Per A Package: 6  Kosher: no kosher

Catalog Number: 1-6217

yuzu is a unique citrus fruit which has been grown in Japan for more than a thousand years. The yuzu has become one of Japanese cuisine’s most characteristic raw materials. The yuzu’s taste is complex and it is far more aromatic than that of a regular lemon or lime. Yuzu is hard to grow, which makes it hard to find in its fresh form. Preserved yuzu juice is an excellent solution for this problem, and it manages to preserve the juice’s unique nature. Preserved yuzu juice has a light lemony color, and spreads a splendidly strong scent of the fruit. Its use is usually as an ingredient for dips (such as ponzu – a dip made of soy sauce and yuzu) and cold sauces, and less in cooking. Yuzu juice is added to soups, with several drops sprinkled on right before serving them.