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Oyster flavored sauce

Oyster flavored sauce

Made in: Hong Kong  Capacity: 2.3 kg  Quantity per a package: 6  Kosher: not kosher

Catalog Number: 7-1007

A condiment originating in China, where it was first made at the end of the 19th century. Oyster sauce is made of oyster extract thickened by starch and seasoned with sugar, salt and other spices. The sauce is dark brown, and boasts umami flavor (the fifth flavor, common in ripe cheeses, fermented sausages, soy sauce, seaweed and more) and a mix of mild sweetness and saltiness. Oyster sauce is a fundamental ingredient in Chinese cuisine, as well as in Vietnamese, Thai and Cambodian cuisine, where it was brought by Chinese immigrants. Today, the sauce is made in several countries, and its flavor profile differs slightly in each. It can be used as a main ingredient in a sauce or in many dishes.

Black bean garlic sauce – a condiment originating in Chinese cuisine, used as flavoring in stir-fried dishes and as a dip for steamed dishes (mostly noodles, fish, seafood and meat). Despite its name, the black bean used in making the sauce is not the black bean we are familiar with, rather it is a type of black soybean (a darker type of soybean, different from the more well-known light type) that has been salted, fermented and finally dried. To prepare the sauce, the dried beans are pureed and then flavored with garlic, soy sauce, rice wine and other spices. The sauce has a black color, a salty flavor and the scent of garlic.