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Wakame seaweeda

Wakame seaweeda

Made In: China  Capacity: 40 gr  Quantity Per A Package: 96  Kosher:  Triangle K

Catalog Number: 1-4052

A species of edible seaweed that is common in Japanese and Korean cuisine. Wakame seaweeds are dried, which leaves them looking like black colored crumbs. Before they are used, they need to be soaked in warm water, of which they absorb large quantities to grow bigger. After being soaked their color becomes dark green and they can be eaten without being cooked. Wakame has a smooth texture and a slightly sweet sea-flavor. In Japanese cuisine they are an important ingredient of miso soup and a main ingredient in cold salads. Wakame seaweed is considered health-food in Japan and Korea and it contains large amounts of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.