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Vinegar and Mirin



Made In: Unites States  Capacity: 19 Liter  Quantity Per A Package:Kosher: OU

Catalog Number: 1-6130

Mirin, along with soy sauce and sake, is one of the fundamental components of Japanese cuisine. Mirin is a type of rice wine with added sugar. Mirin is amber colored and its texture is that of a slightly thickened syrup. Mirin is used to add a mild sweetness and a slightly alcoholic aroma. In Japanese cuisine mirin is used in foods that are cooked in sauce and as a necessary ingredient in marinades for roasted food. When mirin is used in marinades for glazing roasted meat or fish dishes, it gives them a pleasant shine and an appetizing coating. In Japanese cuisine mirin is used not only as a sweetener, but mostly to add sheen. It’s important not to use too much of it, as its flavor might be overly dominant.