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LEO beer is a Boone Ward Corporation product.

Boone Ward have launched this product in 1999 after years of research and development and cracked the formula and the taste of the younger generation, while Thailand was recovering from the economic crisis.

The success of LEO beer brand began in 2000, at the largest brewery in Thailand after a thorough, rigorous and consistent selection of quality components combined with advanced production process. Those factors produced delicious and high-quality brand that consumes worldwide, and won many awards.

Smooth and wonderful taste with affordable price have made LEO beer brand No. 1 in Thailand. In addition, this brand was awarded the highest quality beer in Germany, Spain and the United States.

LEO beer has a modern appearance and contains about 5% alcohol.

Today, approximately 553 million liters of LEO beer produced each year, which constitute  65.4% of market share. This is a 45.7% advantage over the second-largest brand in Thailand.

Tiger label distinguishes the beer and is one of the newest ideas in the LEO’s beer strategy to achieve new goals and conquer new segments of the society through taste and attractive, sexy look of the bottle.