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מונוסודיום גלוטומאט

מונוסודיום גלוטומאט

Made In: France  Capacity: 22.68 kg  Quantity Per A Package: 1  Kosher: Chief Rabbinate of Israel

Catalog Number: 1-11-95

Sodium salt of glutamic acid (one of the twenty amino acids common in nature).

Monosodium glutamate – a white, sugar-like grainy powder – occurs naturally in many foods, such as kombu seaweeds, aged cheeses, sausages and soy sauce. Monosodium glutamate gives food an “umami” flavor (the fifth flavor following sweet, salty, sour and bitter). Despite concerns raised in the past regarding its impact on human health, recent studies have proven that there is no health constrain regarding the consumption of monosodium glutamate. Use of monosodium glutamate is common in East Asia, and small amounts of it are commonly added to dishes. It’s important not to add too much of it, as excessive use of it gives food an aftertaste (just as excess salt or sugar would make a dish taste bad).