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Togarashi s&b

Togarashi s&b

Made In: Japan  Capacity: 300 gr  Quantity Per A Package: 30  Kosher: Not Kosher

Catalog Number: 1-7032

shichimi togarashi is the name of a mixture of spices used in Japanese cuisine. Togarashi is a Japanese variety of chili pepper, which serves as a base for the mixture along with other ingredients such as sansho (Japanese spice), white and black sesame seeds, dried orange peels, dried ginger and nori. Shichimi togarashi is mainly used in flavoring prepared dishes, and less as a spice for cooking. It is common practice to sprinkle shichimi togarashi on soups, noodle dishes and rice dishes. The mixture’s color is light red and it is spotted with dark spots. The mixture’s flavor is moderately hot and it boasts a gentle scent of chili and oranges.