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Soybean Paste-Shiro 500 grms*10/Carton

Soybean Paste-Shiro 500 grms*10/Carton

Made In: China  Capacity: 500 gr  Quantity Per A Package: 10  Kosher:  Chatam Sofer Petah tikva

Catalog Number: 1-10-68

a paste made of soybeans that were fermented by adding special yeast to them called koji. Miso, among the more important ingredients of Japanese cuisine, looks like a smooth paste whose color ranges from light to dark brown. It is used as a basic ingredient in making sauces, marinades and soups and it is hard to find a substitute for it in Japanese cuisine. Miso boasts strong salty and umami flavors and is very rich in minerals, vitamins and amino acids. There are many variations of miso, but the basic differentiation is between red miso (aged for a longer period of time), which has a brown-red-black color and a stronger flavor; and white miso (aged for a shorter period of time), which has a light brown color and a gentler flavor. Generally speaking, miso is more common in cooked dishes, whereas white miso is more common as a base for miso soup, but this division is not absolute and different regions of Japan have different preferences.