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Chilpotles Peppers

Chilpotles Peppers

Made In: Mexico  Capacity: 2.8 kg  Quantity Per A Package: 6  Kosher: Chief Rabbinate of Israel

Catalog Number: 4-1003

Chipotle peppers is Jalapeño chili pepper that has undergone a process of drying and smoking. The result is pepper with excellent composed-smoked flavor and aroma. Chipotle pepper is used to spice salsa and sauces and it is an essential component for cooked food in case you want to give it smoky flavor. Since Jalapeño peppers has a medium level of pungency, also its smoked version is not very spicy. After the smoking, the Chipotle pepper can be canned in other ways, and one of its known ways is to cook it with Adobo sauce, which is based on tomato, vinegar and spices with sweetish and sourish flavor. Chipotle pepper in Adobo sauce is suitable to foods that you want them to have a very smoky flavor in addition to medium pungency and a bit of sweet sour flavors. Chipotle can be used in Adobo sauce as is or to cook it.