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Green Mexican Sauce

Green Mexican Sauce

Made In: Mexico  Capacity: 2.8 kg  Quantity Per A Package: 6  Kosher: Chief Rabbinate of Israel

Catalog Number: 4-1007

Salsa (Sauce in Spanish) is general name for group of dips which forms an important component in the Mexican kitchen. Salsa used as dip (for Nachos), as addition to meals like Burrito or Taco and sometimes also as component in cooked meals. Salsa can be fresh or cooked, and mostly based on main component like tomatoes, Tomatillos (fruit of plant that is relative to tomato from the Solanum family), other vegetables or fruits. Mexican Salsa is salsa that based on tomatoes, onions and green Jalapeño peppers. It is common in the Mexican and the Mexican kitchen and the Tex-Mex kitchen of south-west of United States, it is not very spicy and used mainly as dip for Nachos and for fresh tortilla or as an addition to ready meals like Tacos, Burrito and other cooked food.