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Green Tomato Crushed

Green Tomato Crushed

Made In: Mexico  Capacity: 2.8 kg  Quantity Per A Package: 6  Kosher: Chief Rabbinate of Israel

Catalog Number: 4-1005

Although they look like small green tomatoes, Tomatillos is fruit of plant that relative to tomato (Solanum family). The Tomatillos has a long history of use in the Mexican kitchen, which started at the days of the Maya and Aztec civilizations. The green tomatoes and the Tomatillos has a sourish flavor, but as opposed to green tomatoes- which has an astringent flavor that makes it difficult for eating without cooking or pickling- the Tomatillos is suitable for eating also when it is uncooked and it forms an important component in sauces like salsa verde (Green sauce). Similar to the green tomatoes, the Tomatillos also can be pickled and used as additions to salads and cooking or as part of sauces.