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Rice Pasta Penne

Rice Pasta Penne

Made In: Thailand   Capacity: 500 gr  Quantity Per A Package: 12  Kosher: Chatam Sofer Bnei Brak

Catalog Number: 1-6218

Clear-white colored noodles made of rice flour. Unlike wheat noodles, they do not require being in cooked in water, and before being eaten they simply need to be soaked in warm water for several minutes or in cold water for an hour and a half or so. Rice noodles are especially common in Southeast Asian cuisine, where they serve as an ingredient in many dishes – in salads, soups (such as Vietnamese pho soup) or stir-fried dishes (such as the Thai pad Thai). Rice noodles come in varying forms – flat, round, thin and thick. Required soaking time depends on their shape and thickness. Since they do not contain gluten, they are a suitable pasta substitute for those who are sensitive to gluten.