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Nori Gold

Nori Gold

Made In: China  Capacity: 50 Sheets  Quantity Per A Package: 30  Kosher:  OU

Catalog Number: 1-4031

A species of seaweed that has become an important ingredient in Japanese cuisine. Nori seaweed are shredded and dried in the form of thin sheets that are used in making sushi and added to soups (such as ramen) and to noodle dishes. Nori sheets are dark green and have a prominent sea-flavor. Nori sheets tend readily absorb humidity and so must be toasted and dried before they are eaten by quickly passing them over a flame. The most common use for nori sheets worldwide is for wrapping rolls of sushi, but they can also be used in other ways – cut into strips and spread on rice, added to soups belonging to Japanese cuisine, and others.