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Fresh Tofu

Fresh Tofu

Made In: Israel  Capacity: 1 kg  Quantity Per A Package: 1  Kosher: Chief Rabbinate of Israel

Catalog Number: 1-11-29

Tofu is soy milk that has been boiled and coagulated. The result is a white (curd like) lump of varying solidness. Tofu is a source of protein and a highly important ingredient in East Asian cuisine, especially in China and Japan. Tofu has a fairly neutral taste – the dish it is served in gives it its taste – and it is used fresh, fried, cooked and baked in stir-fried or cooked dishes, soups and salads. Generally speaking, tofu can be divided between two main families, with different varieties belonging to each: the first family is called block tofu (or pressed tofu). During its production, block tofu goes through congelation and then coagulation (a process during which the tofu is pressed under some weight to drain it of liquids – much like how various cheeses are made). The result varies in solidness – depending on the amount of liquid left in the tofu. The texture of block tofu is not entirely smooth, as it is made up of small pieces of curd pressed together, and it contains small pores which allow it to absorb sauce while cooking. The second family is called silken tofu, which unlike block tofu is not pressed and coagulated, and instead only goes through congelation. Since silken tofu has not been coagulated its texture is consistent, smooth and silky, which is what gives it its name. Block tofu and silken tofu are manufactured and marketed in varying levels of hardness – soft, firm and extra firm. Firm silken tofu is has a smooth texture, but it is harder than that of soft silken tofu, and it maintains its form when cooked. It can be added, diced, to soup (such as miso soup); fried on its own or coated with batter; or cooked in sauce. Since its texture is smooth and not porous, it doesn’t absorb sauce and doesn’t work as well in stir-fried dishes.