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S&B Mastard Powder

S&B Mastard Powder

Made In: Japan  Capacity: 400 gr  Quantity Per A Package: 20  Kosher: Not Kosher

Catalog Number: 1-7007

The base for all of the varieties of mustard paste is mustard powder. Mustard powder is made by grinding yellow mustard seeds to a powder. The powder has a light yellowy color and it can be used as base for fresh mustard or as flavoring in sauces and marinades. To make fresh mustard the powder needs to be mixed with water, preferably warm or hot, with or without additional flavoring such as vinegar, wine, salt and sugar. The fresh mustard should be allowed a few minutes of rest to allow its spiciness to properly develop. Fresh mustard works well with meat and poultry dishes and with fried dishes.